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These our our courses for one to one live Internet classes with a trained and qualified teacher.
Phonics Courses Available


This is an 40 hour course designed to teach very young students how to make the correct sound in the English language. It is most useful for students to take this course prior to the starters course.

4000.00 ¥ Add
Starter Courses Available

Starters level

This is an 40 hour level designed for the student that has had no formal English training before. It is an introduction to the language in a non-threatening learning environment with specialized teachers who specialize in teaching the true beginner. The rich teaching material is engaging for the student and age appropriate.

4000.00 ¥ Add

Level 1

This is an 40 hour course for the young learner that has had limited training in the language. It takes the student from limited knowledge of the language to a beginners level.

4000.00 ¥ Add
Beginners Courses Available

Level 2

This is an 40 hour course designed to expand on the vocabulary and sentence structures the child already knows. The purpose of this level is to allow the child to begin to see how English can be used to express ever greater things in their life and allow their confidence to grow to the point of real usage of the language.

This course will take students from beginners level to mid-level beginners level.

4000.00 ¥ Add

Level 3

This is an 40 hour course designed to encourage growth in the use of English while expanding and deepening the students understanding of the vocabulary and grammar used.

This will take students from mid-level basic to low level Intermediate user of English.

4000.00 ¥ Add
Low Intermediate Course Available

Level 4

This is an 40 hour course designed for the student who has mastered basic English and is ready to move towards an intermediate level of English use. At this level we begin to add more complex grammar with more abstract vocabulary allowing the student to express themselves ever more clearly and even more situations.

This course takes students from a basic level of English to a Low level of Intermediate use.

4000.00 ¥ Add

Level 5

This Level is an 40 hour course that will engage students to expand their vocabulary and learn more complex grammar. At this level students begin to be able to express themselves in familiar situations with ease and in ever more complex and varying ways.

This will take students from low-intermediate to mid-intermediate level of English.

4000.00 ¥ Add
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