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    I am not only the owner of Hensley Academy but also the head teacher. I have taught English for ten years and have been administrator of several school. I decided to open this online tutoring school not just to teach English but also as many of the languages that I have encountered in my travels around the world as is possible. I believe from the bottom of my heart that is people learn to communicate with each other peace on Earth is possible.

    I have traveled to every continent and been in 40 countries with rich a varied cultures and languages. Each of the places I have been to has enriched my life and I think each of them has something very unique and special to offer the world. Alast the problem most people have when they try to offer a solution or a world changing idea to the world is they just don't know the right words to spread the idea beyound their own language and culture and so the world misses out on something that very well may have changed the entire human race.

    This Academy is focused on trying to change that in a small way. We understand that we will not reach everyone but we believe if we help one person; that person may end up being able to communicate with another person and they in turn communicate with another and so on and soforth. In this way we believe that each person we help to learn to communicate with another will eventually change the world.

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This is one of our teachers
This si one of the teachers at Hensley Academy
I am the owner and operator of Hensley Academy
What makes us different?
•         First and foremost all our teachers are native language speakers which means the language they teach is their first language.
•         Secondly all of our teachers are highly qualified with professional teaching degrees in addition to real world experience making them industry experts.
•         You are able to learn at your own pace focusing on your unique learning needs.
•         Everyone learns in a different manner which is why we create individual plans.
•         You learn when you want to learn. We understand that you are busy individuals.
•         Our programs are based around you not the other way around.
•         We will challenge your way of thinking about the world. We will help you to understand other cultures better.
•         It is our aim to provide you with the various skills to be utilized in academic, business and social situations.
•         We encourage learners to be themselves and express themselves in English.

    Hensley Academy is a place for our students to interact with live professional teachers from all over the world who are native speakers in the language they teach. We endevor to offer high quality teaching that maximizes the learning time in each class. We use top quality teaching material adapted to the unique environment of on-line learning.

    Our teachers come from varied backgrounds with different personalities and focuses. We endevour to make the best possible match between the student and the teacher. We do not place a student with just any teacher or alllow the student to freely chose a different teacher each time they have class. We do this because through years of experience we have learned that if both the teacher and the student genuinly have something in common the learning experience is more benificial for the student and the teaching is much better for the teacher.
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