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    Hensley Academy specializes in delivering Language lessons tailored for individuals that want to improve their communication skills. We tailor your lessons to suit you and your learning needs.
    We use world renowned programs in planning your lessons, we actually prefer to create our own learning materials. By doing this we can ensure that it is relevant to your learning objectives and therefore a much better return on education investment.

Demo Class

This is a 20 minute Demonstration class. Its design is to let you get a feel for what it is like to learn a language with us

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    At Hensley Academy we strive to provide high quality yet affordable language lessons. Hensley Academy aims to make sure each and every student gains new skills and achieves something by the end of each personally customized language lesson.  We aspire to make sure all our students are satisfied by all our services so we can continue to innovate in the language learning Field.
We use a variety of resources and scenarios which may include some of the following:
 To provide the learner with real life situations in context for practicing  using the language effectively.
♦Student-centered  activities
These are geared towards improving  the learners
 confidence, fluency, talking speed, discourse management, and cultural  awareness.
♦Casual and social  element
To make the class an emotionally  enjoyable experience and put them in a position to be able to comfortably  converse in an informal manner.
♦Formal and  professional element
To develop the learner’s business  communication skills, within the work environment.
♦Practical  communication skills
We focus on learning new  vocabulary and how to use it
♦Speaking Games
 These are an effective way to motivate participants to speak fast and are  used to review vocabulary and improve fluency.
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